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Liana C.

As a new mom grappling with her newborn daughter’s weight gain, I found myself at odds with the traditional medical advice offered by pediatricians. Despite my concerns and insights, the pediatrician’s solution of frequent formula supplementation after breastfeeding sessions left me feeling pressured and uncertain. However, my encounter with the team of chiropractors at this office has proved transformative. They not only listened to my concerns but also empowered me to trust my instincts and opt for a more natural approach. Encouraging me to wait and observe, they provided invaluable guidance on supplementation, assuring me that if necessary, a more gentle and natural intervention could be implemented. Following their advice, my daughter gradually regained the weight without the need for excessive formula supplementation, reaffirming my faith in a holistic and intuitive approach to parenting. I left their care deeply grateful for their support and armed with newfound confidence in navigating my daughter’s health journey.

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