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Dr. Andrew Alcorn

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Alcorn’s chiropractic journey has been one of continued learning, as well as personal and professional growth. Having grown-up in the standard “American Lifestyle”, he developed chronic health issues by age fifteen. He was first given typical Western medical interventions that ignored root causes and only focused on symptoms. When that failed, he was introduced to chiropractic care. After seeing the difference that root-cause healthcare made in his life, he decided to pursue it as a career.

Initially trained as a sports rehab specialist, he eventually saw that his healthcare education was sorely lacking. Interventions that were focused on pain relief helped in the moment, but did little to bring people closer to the healthy life that they desperately wished for. This prompted him to receive additional training that transformed the way he provides care and teaches people about health. As a result of utilizing a more robust system of natural healthcare delivery, he has witnessed countless miracles in practice over the last 11 years – reversals of cancer and heart disease, getting off of 30+ medications, throwing away a cane or walker, infertility turned into a new life, as well as many others.

These tremendous examples of healing have allowed him to become more committed than ever to helping people heal naturally from their afflictions. His love of teaching these principles of health is found at the forefront of his care, and combines with an understanding that every patient is unique, every situation is different, and all people deserve the best care possible. Dr. Alcorn wants you to know that your body was designed to heal!

Dr. Alcorn is madly in love with his wife Lauren and his two children, Emerson and Ezekiel. He enjoys exercising, spending time with family and friends, and coaching.

2009 – Purdue University – Bachelor of Science in Health Science
2010 – Logan University – Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences
2011 – Logan University – Master of Science in Sports Rehabilitation
2012 – Logan University – Doctor of Chiropractic

A survey of Restructured patients who have been under care for 3+ years found that they experience:



Less Pharmaceutical Costs


Less Childhood Surgeries


Less Chronic Childhood Sickness